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Case study: Santa Shoebox Project

Getting involved, making a difference

Each year, the Santa Shoebox Project collects and distributes gifts for underprivileged children throughout South Africa and Namibia. In 14 years it has grown significantly, with the number of Santa Shoeboxes donated now totalling over 850 000. The success of the project is largely due to its personal nature, where donors give gifts to children of whose names, ages and genders they are informed.

As the leading self storage company in South Africa, Stor-Age once again assisted the Santa Shoebox Project by making our resources available to help support and contribute towards its significant success.

During the year, we helped the Santa Shoebox Project in the following ways:

  • We produced empty Santa Shoeboxes for the public to collect from any of our stores nationwide. Once packed with gifts, the public could drop their completed Santa Shoebox off at our stores where we stored them until the big drop-off dates. Our employees also assisted at various drop-off events across South Africa.
  • We lent significant resources toward promoting the project via various digital platforms as well as in print and broadcast media. We also involved celebrities and influencers to further help promote the project.
  • We made use of Stor-Age vans to help distribute Santa Shoeboxes to underprivileged children nationwide.


The partnership with the Santa Shoebox Project gives Stor-Age significant brand exposure to consumers and businesses across South Africa. Not only did we receive extensive coverage in print, broadcast and digital media, but up to an estimated 15 000 people visited our stores to collect and drop-off their Santa Shoeboxes. This gave South Africans an opportunity to experience our product and high level of service. In addition, each person who collected or dropped off a Santa Shoebox was presented with a complimentary month off self storage. This promoted the trial and use of the Stor-Age product.

Our involvement in the Santa Shoebox Project also unites our employees behind a common cause: whether they participate in the big drop-off events or engage with businesses and communities through the initiative.

Each year, we make it incredibly easy for the public to become involved in this special initiative. The public can collect a free shoebox from any Stor-Age property nationwide and return it once they have filled it with their items. We then work alongside project organisers to ensure they are distributed to underprivileged children.

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